Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wanna Hear Something Random?

Rest assured, this is going to be one of those posts that rehashes some of the cute things my kids are saying right now but I have to start with the "random" inspiration for this post.

If anyone of you have ever had the pleasure of knowing and having regular conversations with a 3 year old, you are familiar with the off-the-wall stuff that they talk about. For those of you who have not had this pleasure (or it's been too long to remember that special phase), it goes like this: If a thought enters their mind, they are going to talk to you--and anyone else in earshot--about it. Or, at least, that is what my 3 year old does. I mean it. If he thinks it, he says it. I'm hoping he'll develop a filter soon but no luck so far.

Anyway, I guess I've gotten into the habit of responding to these one-off thoughts by saying something in the ballpark of "Well, that was random," because Brogan now prefaces his rambling by saying, "Wanna hear something random?"

Ah-hem. Yep. That one is all me.

And in other Random News, here are a few of the other hot phrases around here...

Brogan still says "mazagine." Daddy has tried working syllable-by-syllable with him to get it right. Brogan can do it slowly but as soon as he says it in regular conversation, it's right back to "mazagine." I, for one, love it that way. I know he'll figure it out eventually and I'm going to enjoy it while I can.

I've lost track of the bagillion other witty things he's said lately. He's speaking so well and really picking up slang terms and colloquialisms. He's a riot to listen to. Just ask his Nana and Papa...they're excited to be able to talk to him on the phone and not need me to interpret 100% of the time anymore.

Brynna says "nah-nah" for just about everything right now. It goes something like this:

*Points Finger in general direction of desired object * Says "Nah-Nah!" * And if it's her sippy cup that she's wanting--look out! "Nah-nah" is said with increasing intensity until said cup is on its way to her gaping, baby-bird-like mouth. The girl loves her water. Not so much juice, but she digs water.

When she races Brogan down the hall, you're sure to hear her say "Gah, gah, gah!" (Translation: "Go, go, go!"). She's also recently added "bah" (ball) and "uh-oh" to her lexicon. Oh, and instead of saying certain animal names, she makes noises that somewhat resemble a "neigh" when she sees a horse and "raar" when she sees a tiger. It's pretty darn cute. And so is she.

P.S. Here's a quick run down of the random kids pics: (1) Brogan dressed up as an Indian...I mean, Native American...for his Thanksgiving Feast at school. His vest is the first "costume" I've made for him. (2) Brynna barely sits still anymore so cute pictures are a rarity. This is one of her literally backed into a corner (so she couldn't move) at Brogan's Christmas performance. More to come on that soon...

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