Sunday, May 3, 2009

On the Move & Up to No Good

So finally, in his 11th month of life... Brogan is mobile. He's crawling and cruising like crazy and he walks like a champ with this little push cart that we bought for him. He is definitely happier to be able to get to new places on his own without rolling to them (his mode of transport up to this point, which he became strangely very adept and accurate at by kicking his legs and adding in a little hip action...[there is hope that he will be a good dancer, yet!]).

He also knows what "No" means. Not that he always pays attention to it, but we know that he knows. And he -- shall we say -- expresses his opinion when he's taken away from his object of desire before he's ready. Oh, yeah. We definitely see the makings of the temper tantrums that are in our future. Joy of all joys. It's all part of it, I suppose. *sigh*

Anyway, I wanted to share these on-the-brink-of-one-year-old photos with you all. The big B-day is this week! Crazy, right?!? Just one year ago at this time we were thinking we still had a MONTH to do the final prep for his arrival. Wrong! Man, the Planner in me did NOT like that but, what can you do?

Parental Lesson No. 1: Be prepared for your plans to be changed on a whim and without any input or consultation from you. Your life is no longer your own.

Well, enjoy the pictures! (I know you will.) If you think like we do, he's just getting cuter and cuter! Maybe we are a little bias...

Nah, he really is that cute. ;)

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The Ritters said...

Hey! Brogan has changed so much since I saw him last! He starting to look like a toddler now. Isn't is sad how fast time flies? I can't believe he will be one this week. It just gets even busier once he starts walking, but lots of fun! :)