Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why Should Facebook Get All the Love?

OK, I admit it. It's my fault that this blog has been dormant for far too long. (Um, duh. Who else's fault would it be???) Oh, wait! I blame Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook has made it exponentially easier to post all of the adorable things that my kids say and do right there on my handy-dandy, at-my-fingertips smart phone. So, sorry Followers. I'll do better. Promise.

In case you missed these posts on Facebook, here are a few of the things the kids have come up with lately:

Brogan was bummed when we explained to him that our most recent Monday holiday was "President's" Day...not "Presents" Day.

Today's post-Diego conversation...
Brogan: Mommy, do you know what "Oscar the whale" means?
Me: No, Honey, I have no idea.
Brogan: It means "see you later."

*** Pause to process ***

Me: Oh! You mean "hasta luego."
Brogan: Yeah, but that's too hard so I say "Oscar the whale."


So Brogan has been waking up scared because he thinks he hears a tornado. When I asked him what noise he heard he said, "They sound like a train, right? Well, I heard 'woooo, woooo'." I was happy to ease his fears by explaining that tornadoes do not sound like that part of a train.

Brogan loves to help teach Brynna things he already knows so when we were going over what the colors on a traffic light mean, he chimed in: "Brynna, red means stop, green means go, and yellow means speed up so you don't have to stop at the red light."

Oops. My bad.


(This one hasn't made it to Facebook, yet. That's right -- a blog exclusive!) Brogan asked if we have any "Bill the Barber" cartoons recored (which is what he says for DVRed). It took several 20 Questions-style inquiries to determine he meant "Bob the Builder." Which supports my theory that getting names wrong is tied to the Y chromosome. That, and not listening to me.

While Brynna, at 2½, is signficantly less conversational, she manages to provide her share of comic releif. Case in point:

When football highlights come on, Brynna's usual rant is "C'mon, Guys! Dats tewible!" (That's terrible!) Hmmm...where could she have gotten that from?

When I dress her in something new and extra-cute, she jumps up and declares, "I adorable!" Then heads for my full-length mirror to make sure she's delivering on her promise.

And finally, a few of the things she's saying now:

"Nilk" = Milk
"I big gir" = I'm a big girl
"Nuggle, nuggle" = Snuggle, snuggle

Hopefully I can catch some of their antics on video. Look for that soon. :)

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