Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big Bear Time

We have a new routine. It consists of going in to wake Brynna up at full 30 minutes before we actually need her up. Why, you ask? She needs her Big Bear Time. She can't leave the crib without it, actually.

I'll tell her "good morning" or "hello" and ask her if she's ready to get up. Then she stands up, points to the giant bear that Nana and Papa gave her for Christmas and utters two syllables from behind her paci that only I can interpret as "Big Bear" and the games begin. The bear hops into her crib. Then she very discriminately selects which book she would like to share with Big Bear by adamantly nodding yes or no to each book that I offer. Once her selection is in hand, she snuggles in for a little quality time. With her bear.

It looks a little something (or a lot, actually) like this:

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