Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcome to The Land of Why

We have officially entered the Land of Why. All of you who have children over the age of 3 know what I'm talking about. Everything - and I mean everything - you say is followed by the question, "Why?" from your kid.

"We're going to Kroger today, Buddy."...."Why?" "So we will have food to eat."...."Why?" "Because we need food in order to live."..."Why?"

You get my point.

Before I entered this God-forsaken land, I used to think, "Oh, that won't be so bad. I like the idea of Brogan being curious about the world around him," and I planned to take on the challenge of being the "Because" Lady with great gusto. Like I said, that was before. This is now. The problem, you see, is that the question "why?" is not always appropriate. For many things the answer to this seemingly infinite question is, well, "Because it just is." I honestly do try to give an answer every time but sometimes there just isn't one.

Thankfully, we're just passing through the Land of Why and will soon be moving on to the Land of Public Embarrassment. Gee, I can't wait for that stop on the Child Development Train.

Oh, and one other cute footnote that I want to record for all time (and his future public embarrassment) is the phonetic way Brogan says "I love you." It actually comes of "I wuv oooo." And we melt whenever he says it. We do love our little Why-er. :)

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