Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

You could say this spring has gotten off to a bit of a touch-and-go start. Even now I'm listening to thunderstorms pass overhead through open windows because it was 80 degrees outside today. Tomorrow, we're expecting our high temp to not even reach 60. Only to be back in the 70's again in two day's time. And did I mention that we had sleet late last week? Sheesh - make up your mind already, Mama Nature.

Nevertheless, we had a breezy but beautiful weekend and were able to get the gang outside for a few landscaping projects. Nothing major but enough to stir up the dirt for an earthworm round-up. And what almost-three year old boy doesn't love that? Brogan actually held his first worm on Saturday. We were so proud.

(Click photo to zoom in)

And he helped me plant his very first garden, too. OK, so it only has one plant -- a purple petunia -- but I thought we'd start small. His friend -- the yet-to-be-named ladybug garden ornament -- has agreed to keep an eye on Brogan's flowers while he's away. To be honest, I think he's more keen on the bug than the plant but, oh well, a Mom's gotta try. You never know what is going to tickle their fancy.

Tonight's soaking rain should be just what the new "garden" needs to get off to a great start. Fingers crossed in hopes that we don't get a random April freeze. At least we know the ladybug will make it.

Happy Spring, All!

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