Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Munchkin Update

Life is whizzing right along for the Oberhaus Clan. Brynna is 6 months old today. Or yesterday. I'm not really sure. February and its 28 days threw me for a loop. Either way, Brynna was born on August 29th so we're headed to the doctor tomorrow for her 6-month well visit where they will weigh her and measure her and - if the rolls on her thighs are any indication - they will undoubtedly tell us that she is thriving and to "keep doing what [we're] doing."

She is chowing down on all sorts of veggie purees: Butternut squash, carrots, sweet potatoes and peas, so far. She had a lovely gagging reaction to the peas the first time we introduced them, which was quite amusing, but otherwise has had no ill reactions to any foods. She took a little longer than Brogan did at getting used to eating solids but now that she's gotten the hang of it, she may just give Big Brother a run for his money at the dinner table. We might have two competitors on the Professional Eating circuit in a few years. Look out Joey Chesnut...

Brogan is still, by far, her favorite person. She completely lights up when she sees him. One night as it was getting close to bedtime, she was sitting on my lap just watching him play and he started to jump around on the couch. Nothing special. Just little hops then he'd flop on a pillow. Well, that did it for Brynna. She let out the biggest laughs we have heard to date. It was incredible. Mommy and Daddy kill themselves trying to make her laugh but Brogan can do it without even trying. Go figure.

Our Brogie Bear is doing wonderful, too. He amazes us daily with everything he's learning. And he is such a good big brother. No sign of resentment or jealousy toward Brynna. No asking us to take her back to the hospital. No wondering when she's leaving. Nothing of the sort. In fact, the other night while I held her I joked, "Mmmm, Brynna's so sweet, Brogan, and I haven't had any dessert. I think I'm gonna eat her." He got a little panicky and, with tears welling in his eyes, pleaded, "No eat her, Mommy! I wike her!" Gasp. So sweet. And at the doctor's office this morning (for a curious rash he developed, which turned out to be a miscellaneous plant reaction), he declined the nurse's offer to "keep his cute little baby sister with her." Brogan would have none of it. She was coming with us.

There have been numerous other cute Broganism that I've failed to blog about, which means they are doomed to the abyss of my tired mommy brain and will never again see the light of day or a computer screen, but here are a few I've managed to dredge up from recent memory:

Food has several degrees of good:" Tasty," "Nummy," "Sooo Good" and "Amazing." It varies from day to day which is better or worse on his sliding scale but he always has an opinion. Hardly ever do we hear, "I no wike it," but it does happen on rare occasion and it's usually texture-related.

His newest and strangest epicurean delights: celery and parsley. Raw parsley. Blech! But he "wikes it!" Amazing.

He has started using "fantastic" a lot...mainly because Mommy uses that word a lot. Little does he know that mine is usually oozing with sarcasm.

Then there's the singing. He is desperate to sing a song but doesn't really know the words to any just yet. He's getting close on the Alphabet Song but he usually just echos whatever Mommy or Daddy are saying. It's like singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" in a round but the timing's just a little off. It's darling. And so is he.

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