Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2.0

We had another great Halloween! Brogan absolutely loved his costume. He was a life-size version of his favorite stuffed animal: Jerry the Giraffe. We'd put him in it and he'd run to the mirror to see himself then a huge smile would spread across his face. Priceless.

He got the hang of Trick-or-Treating really quickly, too, as you can see in the video. He's all about putting things inside of buckets and bags right now so this holiday was made for him. Despite the rain (I don't think he even noticed), we had a lot of fun.

Brogan and his teacher, Ms. Baker, at school having fun with pumpkin guts.

Brogan and Daddy at the neighborhood block party.
(Hanging out in the garage because of the rain.)

Brogan's best friend (and neighbor), Preston, clutching Mommy's (a.k.a. Monique) hand.

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