Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Mommy Genius

I came across a few more winning ideas recently and I thought I'd spread the word. Check out these great brain-children from moms who have found that necessity (and wine, I can only assume from my experience) is truly the mother of invention.

So, does that mean these moms are the step-mothers of invention? Or maybe the grandmothers? Hmmm....

Tub Angels

When Jack Frost is being none-too-kind and temps outside make playing in the snow a no-go, load the snow into a bath tub and let your rugrats enjoy it without the threat of immediate frostbite. When the snow melts, the water simply runs down the drain. No muss, no fuss! You may just want to establish a firm "no-snowball-fights-in-the-house" rule.

Peanut Butter & Baby Food Sandwiches???

Substitute baby food purees, like blueberry or pear-strawberry, for jelly on your kids' PB&Js. Or, in our case, SB&Js. (Hooray for soy butter! Don't judge...It's yummier than you may think!)

Rice Krispie Treat "Cookies"

Instead of laboring over the mixing, rolling and baking of sugar cookies, opt for a batch of Rice Krispie Treats! When you spread the warm mixture out, use a rimmed cookie sheet and press it down to close to 1/2-inch thickness. Allow to cool then use cookie cutters to create festive shapes. Decorate as you would regular sugar cookies and enjoy!

I actually made these at Christmas time this year. They were a huge hit with Brogan and the "cookies" were really delicious!


What genius tips have you come across that you love? I'd love to hear them!

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