Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yielding to a Higher Power

So, Brogan recently started asking God questions. Wonderful, right? Well, sort of. In theory, it is wonderful and something that I hope he continues to do his entire life. The problem arises when he also answers the questions himself and, miraculously, God tends to rule in Brogan's favor. Amazing, isn't it?

For instance, this morning, Brogan asked God if he could roll his truck on the table behind the sofa. The one that displays several framed family photos and a few breakable nicknacks. The same table that Mommy had just reminded him not to roll his truck on. Yep, that 's the one. So, in this instance, when "God" told Brogan that it was OK, I quickly stepped in and said, "No, I think God said to ask Mommy if it's OK, and Mommy says no."

Nice try, though, Little Man. Nice try.

I think it's great that he recognizes that God is the ultimate authority. And, although I don't approve of it, I do think it's pretty crafty of him to circumvent Mommy's authority and go straight to the Big Guy. I'm going to have to keep my eye on this one. He's just now 3 and a half and is learning how to work the system. Lord, help us.

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