Saturday, September 3, 2011

Brynna Turns 1

It's hard to believe but Brynna has been gracing us with her presence for a full year now. My, time flies when you're playing a supporting role in someone else's dramatic interpretation of life. I'm kidding, of course. For every ounce of drama Brynna has brought to our lives, she has brought 10 times as much love and heart-warming moments. She is a doll. And I thank God everyday for her.

Just as with Brogan, there are a few distinctive things that have made our first year with Brynna unforgettable. Brynna would not be our Brynna without...
  • Spending the first 8.5 months of her life redecorating Mommy's clothes (and our home) with her spit up on a daily basis. After almost after ever meal, actually. Every single meal. If something went in, at least some of it was bound to come back out.
  • Inspiring Mommy to attempt an elimination diet for 2 months while nursing her in an effort to remedy the aforementioned spitting up. It did not help. But I did develop 35 ways to prepare turkey, squash and rice. (Score!)
  • Teaching us, first-hand, that (A) not all babies nap as long as Brogan did when he was an infant, (B) most babies cry more than Brogan did when he was an infant, and (C) girls are emotional little creatures starting at Day 1...maybe even sooner if you consider the amplified morning sickness that is typical when pregnant with a girl.
  • Stealing our hearts (and the hearts of countless strangers when we're out and about) with her warm smile, intense eyes, sweet cuddles and infectious personality.

Here are a few of the highlights from her actual birthday, which fell on a Monday, and her big party today.

She was a happy girl on her birthday (Aug. 29th) despite being quite congested. She's in the process of cutting all 4 top front teeth. Bless her heart!

Wait, Mom...Where's my tiara?

Ahh...that's more like it.
Let the festivities begin!

She wasn't wild about the cake but she loved playing in the icing.
Who can blame her?

She really enjoys using a spoon these days. Not that any food actually makes it to her mouth but she likes the idea of trying.

Then it was time for the big party!

Doesn't she look sweet in her party dress? (Thanks, Nana & Papa!)

The cupcakes were a big hit!

Apparently she is a big fan of strawberry icing.

Did I mention her intense looks? This is Exibit A.

Brogan was so helpful in opening all of her presents. And she didn't mind one bit.

The pretty princess with her "Paris Hilton" purse.

Happy 1st Birthday to you...

We love you sweet girl!

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