Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's Official...I'm Raising a Princess

Somewhere in the world, a monarchy is missing its princess. How do I know this? Because she is living in my house, just two doors down from where I type this post.

Just before bedtime tonight, after her nighttime bottle, I was gently coaxing an elusive burp out of her and I thought I'd divert her attention by trying one of her headbands on her. I bought it when she was 6 months old while I nervously passed the time at Claire's waiting in line to have her ears pierced, which is the only reason that I remember how long I've had it. (I tend not to forget near-panic attack experiences.)

Anyway, I've been waiting for her melon to ripen and grow into it. Well, it has and she looks so stinkin' adorable with it on. What was even cuter was the smile that spread across her face when I placed the band on her head. I swear she thought it was her coronation because after finally getting that bashful burp to surface, I took the headband off so I could lay her in the crib. She. Lost. It. We're talking full-out, zero-to-sixty-wailing like I had ripped the tiara and her place in the line of succession to the royal throne from her grasp. It was pitiful. But quite comical at the same time.

To make sure that it wasn't a silly coincidence, I tried it again. (Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment.) Headband on. An even happier baby than before. A bubbly, exuberant one, in fact. Headband off. Heartbreak. All of this and she's only 10 months old. Maybe Daddy was right when he vetoed my idea to buy her tiny little diamond studs for her 1st birthday. Hell hath no fury like an infant scorned, apparently. Lord, help us.


Heather said...

Isn't it so cool to see them start to develop opinions about things? You seem to be quite the cook. I wished I loved it, but I don't so maybe I will just live vicariously. I just cook to eat (and when possible buy stuff the hubs can grill).

Have a great weekend!

Mama O said...

Oh, she "has an opinion," to say the least. And she is NOT afraid to share it with us and the world. I'm really looking forward to the (hormonal) teen years. Joy!