Friday, June 3, 2011

She's 9 Months Old!

Well, it's official. Brynna has been out longer than she was in. My tummy, that is. And--WOW--is she ever getting big. And heavy! Her 9-month well visit is scheduled for next week so we'll weigh her in and see what she's tipping the scales at. I'm thinking in the neighborhood of 17 lbs. Add that to the weight of her car seat/baby carrier and you've got a whopper on your hands. She's in 9- and 12-month clothes; mainly to accommodate her plentiful thighs. (It looks like she takes after her Mommy is that aspect. Sorry, Sweetie!) Brogan was never a chunky baby so, even though she's not off-the-charts chubby, she seems huge. Just more for us to love!

She is getting fairly good at belly crawling...backward, anyway. If you need a baby to back herself under any given piece of furniture that is high enough off the ground to grant access to her aforementioned thunder thighs, Brynna's your gal. She also will get up on all fours in crawling position and will rock back and forth but we're still waiting on the momentous forward movement. All in good time, I know.

In the language department, she's babbling like a crazy lady. Actually, she sounds more like a crazy Korean lady. Funny, since she is obviously not Korean and that is not a dialect often spoken around our house. She has "Dada" pretty much down pat and she totally knows who Dada is. She'll "Mamamamama" from time to time but never in my direction. (What gives?) She also growls when she's really happy. Does anyone else's baby do that? I hope so because it's hilarious.

Still, to this day, she adores Brogan. They've started to play together and really enjoy one another. Bath time and playtime is waaaay more fun if Big Brother is involved.

Watching their relationship develop is one of the neatest things I've ever had the privilege of witnessing. I love my babies and watching them learn to love and care about one other is absolutely priceless.

Happy 9 months, Brynna Bell!


UPDATE: At her 9-month well visit, she weighed in at 19 lbs. 2 oz. For those of you that are paying attention, that is a full two pounds more than I thought she weighed. That explains a lot! But -- make no mistake -- I love every chunky ounce of that little girl. You have my heart, Brynna. And, if my intuition serves me correctly, I am the first of many, many "victims." Watch out boys...

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