Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ready, Set...Crawl!

She's good. Once Brynna does something once, that's it. She's a pro at it in no time. Crawling was no different. At 9 months, her personal mode of transportation was strictly the "kick-flop and roll" approach. She would lie on her back and kick her legs and flop her lower half to change her trajectory then roll over and over until she reached her current object of desire. There was also scooting. Almost exclusively backward. Which is problematic since our species tends to have eyes on the front of its head. She was never quite sure where she was going. Then she found the "on-all-fours" position. The sequence went like this for a few days: Prop up. Rock back and forth. Collapse. Repeat. She started to take an occasional pace forward but nothing significant. Then we went to Grandma and Granpa's house in Florida for a few days and--bam!--she was crawling. Just like that. With all that new territory to explore, she couldn't help but get herself in gear. It was amazing.

Here are a couple of videos so you can see just how dramatically she advanved in a matter of two short weeks.

First Week of June

Third Week of June

Please excuse the half-naked boy that makes a cameo at the end of the video. He didn't know that filming was in progress. I was going to edit it out but Jason thought it was hilarious. I have to admit it is pretty cute.

Anyway, just like any girl, my Brynna is not content to stop at crawling. Now she pulls up on things to her knees and grows frustrated that she can't pull up to standing, yet. (She get's her patience from her Daddy.) We know that she'll get the hang of it very soon. It's just hard to impart that knowlege to an almost 10-month old. All in good time, Sweetie. All in good time.

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