Tuesday, April 26, 2011

For the Love of Shoes

I saw it happen. I witnessed it with my own eyes. I caught the very moment that my daughter fell in love with shoes.

As every mommy knows, it is nearly impossible to keep shoes on an infant's feet. You're lucky if you can keep them from wiggling out of a pair of socks and those are secured by elastic around their chubby little ankles. Although I too think that itty-bitty baby shoes are adorable, I usually don't waste my time with them. I know that I will inevitably spend the day chasing after the cutest Keds you have ever seen as my daughter hurls them off at the most inopportune time -- say, for instance, when we're walking across the monstrosity of a parking lot outside of Super Target while it's raining and my son insists on hopping his way into the store versus walking like all of the other human beings in a 5-mile radius. Yep, that's when it usually happens.

That being said, I was giving the Keds another try because (a) I have them and (b) they make me smile the entire 30 seconds she manages to keep them on. So I crammed her chunky little feet into the canvas and tightened the little Mary Jane-style straps as tight as I felt I could get them without causing permanent damage. Right after the second foot was in, she hiked both legs up in the air in order to grab her feet as she's done a million times. That's when it happened. She froze mid-kick. She just sat there in awe, staring at her shoes. Then the cutest "I-know-something-you-don't-know" smile slowly spread across her sweet little face. And that was it. I could see it in her eyes and it was written all over her face: Brynna loves shoes.


If you're curious about the Mary Janes in the photo,
you can find them at LemonadeCouture.com.

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