Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!

We love snow. Especially when it's enough to (a) get out and play in and (b) cancel work for Daddy. Oh, and (c) when it doesn't hang around for days on end, which it actually is. It's getting annoying. Anyway, we got our wish early Monday morning. It snowed at least 3 if not 4 inches at our house. For us, that's a good amount. And more than enough to have some fun in. It was a fluffy snow so no snowmen to share with you all (that happened last week but I didn't snap any pics, darn it) but here are a few of the highlights.

A little extra care was taken in getting out into the snow this time after the incident during our last big snow. For those of you not on Facebook, let me clarify... Brogan's lip met an icy driveway last time. Here's the aftermath. You can see why he was a little gun-shy...

He was a trooper. After a nice cup of cocoa and some graham crackers (which he had no problem eating, by the way), he was ready to get back out in the elements. If anything, it taught him a valuable lesson about keeping your feet firmly beneath you. There is hardly a day that goes by when he does not mention falling and hitting his lip. Why does learning have to be soooo painful? Especially for Mommy and Daddy.

Best buds. Those two were out there for 3 hours! With a brief intermission to have some cocoa and dry their pants and gloves in the dryer, that is.

Amazingly, his hands stayed warm and dry in these fleece gloves. They simply do not sell waterproof gloves for toddlers around here. So frustrating. Forgive me if I'd like my kid to make it to kindergarten with all of his fingers!

Brynna and Mommy braved the cold for a little while, too. Is she not the sweetest thing? (Brynna, of course. Not Mommy. Mommy can't hold a candle to that cutie.)

Sledding in our backyard is tame, to say the least, but Brogan still had fun. He also went sledding across the street with the neighbors' 6 year old, Jacob. Brogan was in heaven. Whizzing down a hill on a sled with a "big kid." Are you kidding? He had a BLAST. The word perma-grin comes to mind.

This is his Mommy-made-me-pose-for-a-picture-before-getting-out-in-the-snow-for-another-round look. He wasn't nearly as annoyed as he looks.

Happy Snow Day, All!

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