Saturday, January 22, 2011

Giggly Girl

Baby giggles should be classified as antidepressants. Need a Zoloft? Nah. Instead, head over to a friends house that has a well-fed, well-rested infant and -- viola! -- you'll be feeling better in no time. It is impossible to be in a bad mood around a giggling baby. Try it. You won't be able to help yourself. The good feeling is completely contagious. I'm convinced that it's even more enjoyable for the parents listening to said giggling than it is for the child actually doing the giggling.

Here's a little glimpse at our giggle bug today. She doesn't break into all-out cackling like she is known to do from time to time but it's still fun to hear her squeal while Daddy tickles her. As a bonus, we have a special guest appearance from an older sibling that is not so sure he wants to share the limelight. Too cute.

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