Monday, October 4, 2010

Hi Morning!

WARNING: Yes, this is ANOTHER one of my "cute things that Brogan says" posts. I can't help it. I'm so happy that he's speaking fairly proficiently now and he comes up with the most adorable way of saying things. If the thought of another one of these posts has you rolling your eyes right now, stop reading. Otherwise, by all means, proceed. Just don't say that I didn't warn you...

Brogan's vocab is expanding on a daily -- and sometimes hourly -- basis. It's amazing. Here are a few of the cute (and sometimes embarrassing) things he's saying now.

As with most toddlers, "Please" sounds more like "Peas." We're working on the concept of "even though you say 'please,' the answer is sometimes still 'no.' " At least he knows how to ask politely. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

For me, "Hey Babe!" is the easiest way to get Daddy's attention when he's upstairs and I'm downstairs. Simple and harmless enough, right? Well, it was somehow strangely mortifying when Brogan yelled it over the balcony the other day to get the attention of the cleaning crew working downstairs. I died.

The kid says "quesadilla" as clear as a bell. Seriously? He can't say "truck" very well but he's mastered a multi-syllabic word from another dialect??? Not surprising at all, the word is one of his favorite foods. No room for error there. Did I mention that Brogan loves to eat?

Our personal favorite right now is "Hi Morning." It's his version of "Good Morning." And, yes, it's just as cute as you might think. I sing him a "Good Morning" song to the tune of "Happy Birthday" each morning but his version of it (which is over-the-top adorable) is still "Hi Morning to you...".

And, last but not least, this one is courtesy of Daddy. Apparently, when something goes awry -- think slamming your finger is a car door -- the word of choice is "FOX!" Let that sink in for a few minutes and you'll understand how he came up with that one...

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