Monday, September 13, 2010

Are We Crazy???

As if bringing home a new member of the family just over two weeks ago wasn't enough, we decided to undertake another milestone on the Road to Big Boydom: The Big Boy Bed. As you can see from the look on his face, Brogan was more than willing to give it a try.

While we are staunch planners, we seem to be very spontaneous when it comes to big, 11th-hour decisions. We talk and plan and plan and talk then, right at the last minute, when we're 2 points down and there is one second left on the game clock, we do a complete 180. This time was no different.

We had planned to transition to the toddler bed after our trip to Florida in October. That seemed rational and made total sense. We didn't want to rock the little guy's world with a new sibling and new sleeping arrangements all at the same time. Then I had one of my "thinking too much" session while feeding Brynna one morning and -- viola! -- we were taking the front of his bed off. For a multitude of reasons, all of the sudden it just made sense to go for it.

It's been almost a week now and he has yet to get out of bed when he's supposed to be sleeping. (Except for the one time that he fell out in the middle of the night but that doesn't count.) He even waits for us to go into his room in the morning and at the end of nap time before he sets foot out of the bed. Maybe it just hasn't dawned on him, yet, that he could get up if he wanted to. Who knows. All I know is that he is doing great and we could not be more proud of our little man.

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