Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Most Pregnant I Have Ever Been

We made it! I'm 36 weeks today, which was the milestone that Jason and I were both praying that we'd reach this time. As of yesterday morning at 6:06 AM, I am the most pregnant that I have ever been. We took new bikini shots to compare belly size. Both were taken when I was exactly 8-months prego. A little racy, I know, but I trust that you can handle it. Plus, I love that I have something to fill my bikini top for a change so I thought I ought to share the love.

NOTE: Click on the photo to enlarge it (if you dare)

Both Jason and I think my belly looks a bit bigger with Brogan but I also attribute it to how I'm carrying her. See how much lower she is? More evidence that, after two babies, my abs are officially shot. Can I use that excuse indefinitely? I do hope so.


Mama O said...

I would never dream of posting a picture of my non-pregnant self in a bikini but add 15 or 20 pounds and, apparently, I don't bat an eye. That is irony at it's finest, folks.

Boriqua said...

You look great in both shots, although I agree on your belly looking a bit bigger with Brogan.

Congrats on making it to 36 weeks!