Monday, August 23, 2010

Hi Mommy, Hi Daddy...

Admittedly, this is one of those no-one-else-may-care-but-I-want-to-always-remember-it posts about Brogan. I hope it warms your heart like it does mine.

We are pretty big on telling him that we love him - probably me more often than Jason - but Daddy gets his fair share of "I love you's" in there on any given day, too. On rare occasion, we'll get a "wuv ooo" in response but what we are much more likely to hear is "Hi, Mommy" or "Hi, Daddy" in a tone so sweet it would choke a honey bee. Even more likely is this scenario: You'll be playing with him, having fun and he'll saunter your direction, put his head against what ever body part he can reach at the time with his towering 3-foot stature and say, "Hi, Mommy" or "Hi, Daddy" completely out of the blue. Translation: "Love you, Mommy," or "Love you, Daddy."
Ah. It's the BEST feeling. Such a sweet little boy. We are so blessed.

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