Monday, August 16, 2010

Big Week

We passed the 8-1/2 month mark on Sunday and are forging full-steam ahead to 38 weeks (on Wednesday). Unbelievable. Leave it to me to go full term during one of the hottest months on record. I'm feeling pretty good, though, and have only just now reached the 20 lb. mark on my weight gain. Swelling has been minimal, too, so I should really be grateful.

Could this be the week Baby O 2.0 debuts? Part of me thinks so -- but only because it's a busy week for Brogan activities and that is how life goes for us. Big events tend to happen at the most inconvenient times. Another part of me thinks I will be pregnant forever but thankfully -- to my knowledge, at least -- that has yet to happen to anyone so I think I'm just being an irrational prego. We're allowed to get that way every once in a while, ya know?

Brogan starts Mother's Day Out again on Tuesday. We're excited for him to be in the older 2's class. He'll be one of the younger kids in there so he can learn some new tricks from the older ones. Hopefully he'll pick up on all of the good habits and none of the bad. Maybe he'll even be inspired to start potty training. A Mommy can dream, can't she?

Well, stay tuned on news of the arrival of the newest Oberhaus. I cannot wait for that post. :)

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Boriqua said...

Congrats on making it this far in. My own little girl is ready to come out, but I ended up in the hospital to keep her in.

Can't wait to read about Little Girl O's debut! :)