Thursday, August 19, 2010

Better Late Than Never

No, this is not a baby post. (She won't be considered "late" until September 2nd.) It's actually about our front sitting/wine room. I've only been working on it for...oh...a year and a half and finally - FINALLY - it's done! The last thing I was trying to find was the perfect rug. I've been eying this one from Target for at least a year but was too cheap to bite the bullet. Plus, I had a cat that was convinced that it was his mission in life to PEE on every rug I brought into the house. I wasn't about to spend another dime on rugs as long as it was going to be christened countless times by Jax. Well, all that has changed. The rug went on sale this week ($40 off!), the cat has moved on to greener pastures and I - apparently - find it much easier to spend Jason's money now that I'm not working than I ever expected. Needless to say, I pounced on the rug. And, if I do say so me-self, it is the P-E-R-F-E-C-T one for this room. What do you think?

Next time I redo a room, I think I'll find the rug first and match everything else to it. Seems bass akwards but that, in my case at least, would have saved me a lot of time. Oh, well. All's well that ends well and I, for one, couldn't be happier with the results. I may just have to host another wine and cheese party to celebrate! Cheers!

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Pastors Jerry & Sonia said...

Luv it Jen....Wouldn't change a thing...Just found it on F/B...I see where Papa and Bear are goin' to spend some Q-time reading!!!...Hangin there babe, we'r almost on the plane....
Luv ya,
Nana & Papa <>< XOXOXO