Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Firsts for Brogan

The Oberhauses had another milestone-filled weekend. First, and most monumental, was Brogan's first movie in the theater! We weren't sure how he would handle it - bearing in mind that he's only 26 months old - but it went better than we even expected. We watched Despicable Me (starring Steve Carrel), which had caught Brogan's attention every time the trailer came on TV so we figured it would be a winner...and it totally was. In fact, he loved the whole movie experience.

We found a seat on the first row of the stadium seating area so he had a great view without the need for one of those theater booster seats that had been used by Lord knows how many other germy kids. Brogan climbed into his very own chair situated safely between Mommy and Daddy. (He was still a little unsure of the whole scenario at this point). Once he planted his bottom on that chair and saw the big screen, he was hooked. He did the full-on mouth-gaping, eyes-fixed stare at the mega screen that was stretched out in front of him. He only tore his eyes away long enough between previews to ask one of us "More?" - meaning "Can we watch more?" - only to have his question answered moments later by the giant screen. To which he would quietly squeal, "More!"

There was a short delay between the previews and the feature presentation while they fixed a glitch with the projector. That was when he noticed that we were not alone in the theater. Seated just behind him were "Kids!" with "Snacks!" Since nearly everything at the concession stand at this point is still a choking hazard for someone his age, Mommy was smart enough to pack his snack cup with animal crackers and goldfish. Once the snack cup was securely in hand, the bottom was planted in the seat once again. The movie started and the cuteness continued.

He loved the arm rests and had to have both of them down. Our arms were weaved over the arm rests, holding the seat down since he was too light to hold it down himself. From time to time he would lean his head on our arms or grab hold of one of our fingers. Typical sweet Brogan gestures. He melts our hearts.

He ended up getting sleepy with about 20 minutes left in the movie. We were going to try to stick it out to the end until he actually laid down across his seat and pretended to go to sleep. At that point, we called it a day and a very successful day at that. To top it all off, they didn't charge us for his admission. Now that is my kind of trip to the movies.

A distant-second but still a first this weekend: Brogan's first time licking the beaters from the mixer. I know, I know - not exactly a developmental milestone but I wanted to mention it here so that we will always know when it happened. I made one of those rare recipes that actually does not include raw eggs in the batter: Banana-Bran Muffins. Sound "too" healthy, I know, but they are sooo yummy. He loved the batter and, once he polished off the beaters, he got to help Daddy lick the bowl.

What a perfect weekend. :)

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Boriqua said...

Too cute. That's great that he loved his first movie-going experience so much. :)