Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We Love DC... But For Very Different Reasons

Perspective. It's an amazing thing. We went to DC for a weekend trip not too long ago and had a great time. Ask each of us what we each enjoyed, though, and you would receive very different answers.

Mommy's List
  • My number one, without a doubt, was the botanical gardens. Specifically the flowers.
  • The exhibits at the Museum of American History.
  • The lemon ice I devoured just outside the Museum of American History. A treat that, typically, would have been waaaay too sweet for me but really hit the spot. Guess I needed the sugar boost.
  • Walking the National Mall with a baby in utero - while enjoyable for a bit - got old pretty quickly. The boys loved it enough for me to love it, too.
Daddy's List
  • Having the family with me in DC before a long week of going solo for work. Traveling is so much better with them.
  • Free Continental Breakfast every morning at Embassy Suites (maybe this is my number one). Actually, this may have been everyone's number one. We like to eat.
  • When the trains arrived on time. They were working on one of the tracks so there was sometimes 45 minutes between trains. That's an E-TER-NIT-Y with a 2-year-old.
  • The National Mall and all the Monuments never get old. Ever.
Brogan's List
  • Running up and down the ramps. Any ramps. Ramps in the hotel lobby. Ramps in the museums. Ramps outside of restaurants. The "elevation change" was new and exciting and he loved it. (See picture below)
  • Throwing his monkey around the hotel room.
  • "Talking" on the hotel room phone.
  • Also the Botanical Gardens. But not for the flowers. Mainly for all of the fountains. Water is king right now. He also liked singing into the metal flower displays. Hilarous! (See video below)
  • The World War II Monument. Also for the water aspect.
  • The Mercury Friendship 7 Orbiter at the Air and Space Museum. None of us knows why but the loved it. And that's all that matters. (See picture below)
  • Walking (running) the National Mall and going "fast!" The only way to travel these days, apparently. A close second was riding on Daddy's shoulders on the Mall.
Brogan loves to pose for pictures now but we're still working on his forced smiley face. :)

First trip of many on the train.

Photo ops with Mommy and Daddy at the Washington Monument.

The Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens had the neatest fragrance display. They had over two dozen or so metal sculptures with different herbs and grasses in them. A very durable way to let kids smell "flowers." Genius idea. And really beautiful.

Brogan, as usual, had an alternative use for the fragrance display. Microphones. Priceless performance. Take a look.

His favorite exhibit at the Air and Space Museum.
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Brogan "The Blur" Oberhaus making his daily rounds at the hotel lobby fountain.

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