Saturday, April 3, 2010

More About The New Little One

As promised, here are a few more glimpses of our angel. She was pretty cozy and tucked away so we didn't get too many images of her face but these are still pretty amazing. She should be about 6 ounces now. It's hard to believe that something that small could already look so perfect, isn't it?

This picture pretty much screams "IT'S A GIRL!"

Bashful Princess. She's practicing hiding from the Paparazzi already.

And my sweet story...

The night before we went in for the ultrasound, Jason prayed his usual nighttime prayer but that night he asked the Lord to let him dream about the gender of the baby. Sure enough -- he dreamed about bringing a little girl home from the hospital. :)

We're so excited to be rounding out our little family. God is good.

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