Saturday, February 20, 2010


Our big boy is rounding the corner on 2 (only about 2-1/2 months to go!) and is developing so much personality. We are finally getting some words out of him and - let me tell you - it is the cutest thing to hear him speak. Except, of course, when his word of choice is "no!," which it is all too often.

We recently received a book that Brogan absolutely loves and I highly recommend. It's titled Raindrop Plop! by Wendy Cheyette Lewison. Notice, if you will, the cute boots that the little girl is wearing on the cover...

So, Mommy was at Target and noticed a strikingly similar pair of goulashes. They are a little bit big for his but, as you will see, he doesn't seem to mind.

Brogan is one busy boy so getting him to sit still for a photo opp was no small feat. He's willing to do anything to show off the new boots, I suppose.

Apparently this is the face you get when you tell a 21-month-old to "Smile!" It's quite smart, actually...he's squinting because he knows the flash is coming.

Canyon joined in the new-shoe fun. He and Brogan are starting to become good friends. Canyon is learning that Brogan is a food source and Brogan is learning that Canyon is good hugger and excellent, albiet wet, kisser.

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Monique said...

We want boots now too!! (Especially since Preston zones in on puddles while crossing the parking lot. Lots of wet pants lately.) Preston also very much enjoys seeing Brogan on video, though he doesn't quite understand why Brogie won't wave back to him :-)