Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oberhaus, Party of 4

We are very happy to announce that Brogan is going to be a big brother! We have a new little bundle on the way and expect him or her to arrive by September 1st. Here are a few glimpses of the little wiggle worm. I haven't been able to feel movement, yet, but the doctor could hardly get a good heart rate count because the little German jumping bean wouldn't sit still. :)

I was recently talking to my Dad and he mentioned that our family will now be a party of four. I had yet to think about our "party" growing from three to four but, sure enough, that is the case. That really warmed my heart in a meant-to-be kind of way. We are so happy and are looking forward to what the next several months have to hold.

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The Giffords said...

Ha! I knew it....don't ask me how but I totally almost sent you an email asking if you were. We are pregnant together!! We will have to go pamper our pregnant selves. excited for you!