Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh, Canada!

For those of you that are not on Facebook (as if!), I wanted to share our mid-September Canada trip with you. The weather was picture-perfect and the scenery was spectacular. We flew into Calgary and drove through the mountains up to Jasper. We spent three days in Jasper and then three days in Banff. Both were wonderful for different reasons. Jasper is a bit less built up and touristy than Banff. But Banff had a lot more dining and shopping options. They each offered their own natural jewels, though, so you can't go wrong at either place.

The wildlife was a little scarce but we did see our fair share of elk. One huge buck walked right in front of our car one evening but - of course - we didn't have the camera. Well, actually, we did have the camera but the battery was safely back at the cabin charging after a full day of hiking. Oh, well! As you can see, we managed to capture plenty of other great memories. Enjoy!

The Oberhaus Clan at Peyto Lake

Athabasca Falls

Our first elk sighting. He was probably 25 feet away from us.

Jenny at Lake Louise

Maligne Lake

Jason and our fearless adventurer, Brogan, at Maligne Canyon

Pyramid Lake. Very close to our cabin.

Mountain Sheep, about 8 feet from the car. The baby was so cute!

Wampta Falls in Yoho National Park, British Columbia

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