Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Summer, Part 1

Well, the summer was a somewhat slow until my parents (Nana & Papa, as Brogan knows them) came into town in August and then we began our cross-continental travelmania (more on that in later posts). But we have had one major achievement: Brogan in walking! He had taken a few steps every now and then but now it's official. For some reason he prefers to walk with something in his hands. Here he is perfecting his new-found art.

And a few other snippets from the summer.

Brogan playing with Nana's necklace.

Brogan sporting his new backpack on his first day of school.

Brogan just being too darn cute to not take a picture and
share it will all of you innocent blog-goers.

First Gator game!

Kids love boxes. Here's Brogan aboard the Coors Light Express.----------------------------------------------------------------

Our very dear friends Chris & Christi Powell came into town with their newborn baby, Chase, and 2-year-old, Caden, for a visit. I'm 100% convinced that watching Caden walk was what inspired Brogan to go for it. (Thanks, Caden!) :) I also want to thank Chris for introducing Jason to a new computer game. They literally played all weekend.

Exhibit A: Playing Computer Game While Daylight Streams through the Window

Exhibit B: Roughly 12 Hours Later. Looks awfully similar, doesn't it? Hmmm...

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