Monday, July 27, 2009

Tiny Dancer

We have been trying, unsuccessfully to this point, to capture Brogan's dancing prowess on video. He really gets into the music, throws his head from side to side and waves one arm in a way worthy of a Naughty By Nature video (Hip Hop Hooray, for those of you wondering). It's hilarious to watch. He's just a bit camera shy -- or camera-curious, really. As soon as we start recording he stops what he's doing and the camera becomes his new obsession. Who knew males could be enamored with electronics at such an early age? We'll try to be more stealth and catch him in the act again. For now, here's a small dose of our little rocker.

Oh, and you may have noticed his crazy bed-head hair. That he gets from his Daddy. His innate rhythm is all Mommy. :)

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