Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brogan Hits The Water... Sort Of

We finally were able to get the boat out this past weekend. Weather and social engagements (OK, mainly weather) have kept us off the lake this long but NO MORE! We suited up, got the boat ready first thing in the morning and -- 1 nap and 4 hours later -- we hit the water! Brogan loved the wind in his hair and we loved watching his hair stand up in the breeze like an old man with a bad comb-over. He also, thankfully, loved the pitching and rocking motion of the boat while we were hanging out in the middle of the lake. With a tummy full of food, no less! No motion sickness for this kiddo. (Phew!)

We would have loved to get him out in the water to swim but the lake was like ice water and, frankly, we didn't want to traumatize the kid the first time out the gate. Instead, we settled for a ride on the tube with Daddy.

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We can't say that he loved it but he didn't hate it, so we marked it a success. Maybe we'll wait until next year to get him on the wake board...

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