Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Beautiful Giggles

So apparently all parents seem to have the same experience when their baby laughs... pure bliss. It's not that deep down we didn't already know this, but when you are first-time parents, you sometimes feel that you are experiencing special moments that no other human beings have ever been through. Ever. Paul Reiser, in his book Babyhood, sums up the effect that Baby Giggles have on parents about as well as anyone could:

"I'll never forget the day I got the first real, genuine laugh out of my son. I don't remember anything in my life feeling that good. It was just so intoxicating and heart warming that I'd like to have that laugh bottled and put into an I.V. that drips into me endlessly."

For those of you reading this that have kids -- you know that feeling. For those that don't (yet) -- it is magic. It is well worth the wait. And it does not disappoint.

So without further delay, allow us to present... More Brogie Giggles. Enjoy!

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