Sunday, November 30, 2008

Baby Giggles

We have discovered the most beautiful sound in the world... Brogan's laugh. There is nothing like it. When he laughs, I can only describe the feeling we feel as a mix of joy, pride and utter satisfaction. Knowing that he is happy enough to belt out some the cutest giggles you have ever heard is really the best feeling ever.

Usually, he is too preoccupied with watching the camera for me to catch it on video but, on this rare occasion, Jason had him laughing so hard at, of all things, repeatedly saying "Scooby Doo" that he didn't notice the Mommy playing videographer. Enjoy... I know you will!

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Lisa said...

Jennifer & Jason,

Brogan is such a doll and this video is the cutest ever. You guys are truly blessed and Brogan is too, to have such wonderful parents. Thanks for sharing this blog so that all of the Saale clan can keep up to date with you and your sweet bundle.
With Love,
Aunt Lisa